IRGS SCAFT is a collaborative research group formed by EASTS community.  Its research activity is expected to contribute to the progress of transportation research and to the promotion of EASTS. The basic idea behind the model offered by IRG SCAFT is the hypothesis that complex transport and social system are non-equilibrium gradient induced flow systems with superstatistical characteristics in which their natural attraction toward their global attractor will cause advancing cycles of complex social interactions and hierarchical relations that are analogues with the concept of energy levels of a Super Hamiltonian

New Study?

Our  theoretical studies and empirical observation of nature of human mobility has led us to design new tools and techniques from topics as diverse as Complex netwroks, Thermodynamics and Optics which we hope will revolutionalize our understanding of the true nature of globalisation forces. These objective new tools have offered transport and urban planners with excellent opportunity to extract more information hidden in the wiring of social and transport network in a global scale. For example, using methods of superstatistics we have been able to show synchronisation code of religion infrastructures favour gradient induced field interactions and thereby a global integrated transportation/ urban system is woven into their clear time scale gradient induced infrastructures.

Some of our Previous Papers:

  • Paper 1 - Eigenstructure and Exergy Calculations for Superstatistical Integration of Global Transport and Urban Systems,
  • Paper 2 - First Passage Time Anisotropy: Upgrading the Criterion for Superstatistical Framework of Social and Transport Network,
  • Paper 3 - Proposing social capital exergy of the Humanitarian Hubs as an indicator of happiness
  • Paper 4 -  EASTS IRG SCAFT annual activities reports  (2005-2011)