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The passing fury of globalization in the 21st century has caused unprecedented changes in all aspects of human mobility and interaction. These changes mould our planning cultures and often disturb the long established equilibrium of our sense making apparatus. Consequently, a febrile search has begun among transportation and urban science communities to develop new measures and tools to enable us to study the real nature of dynamical, topological and statistical properties of human travel. For its part, as a directive response, Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) community, the umbrella organization of transportation science institutes and societies of Eastern Asia region decided to focus on various collaborative research activities and studies that help them respond to the emerging needs and aspirations of our travelers by accommodating the challenges of the active design of a seamless integrated transportation essential for sustainable development of the region. For these reasons, in year 2005, EASTS (2005) commissioned a number of new International Cooperative Research Activities (ICRA) and International Research Groups (IRG).

If you are interested to join to our group, please contact Administration.

 Current Reseach Collabrators:

Dr. Shourabh Bhattacharya

Past Research Collabrators:

Dr Bijan Mojarrabi 

Mr. Anshuman Gwal

Dr Hussein Dia