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Research methods


  1. What type of network should a global integrated transportation and urban system should have?
  2. What is the role of traditional methods? What is missing? Practical Constrains? Models of Integrations? How much controllability is required? Who will provide it?
  3. How do we map the theoretical work to practical design? e.g. Transport land-use, Supply and demand, routing facilities, clustering, etc.
  4. What practical policy directions we need to consider with regard to application of the principle of Ever Advancing Civilization at local, national and cluster levels?
  5. How can we select the critical tools and methods across many disciplines?
  6. How we identify the state of art for the design? How we decide about the tools that to be yet developed?
  7. What are the desirable properties of a global integrated transportation and urban system? What is the path toward the desirable scenario from existing system in world Mega cities?
  8. Effects of Privatization
  9. How we estimate the time and the cost of the designing such a system? Any feasibility study?