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The mission of our proposed group is to harness the emerging science of complex gradient network and Superstatistics to the planning and design of a futuristic global integrated transport and urban system. It is evident that such a mission must integrate all current transportation networks in both the developed and developing countries.

An important aspect of our proposed research enterprise is seeking the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Bahai administrations in Australia, Japan and India.

Our envisioned research program has certain features as detailed below:

Firstly, We aim to study the scale free properties of Gradient Induced Flow Entities (or Super nodes) within the traffic network. This is a challenging and ambitious goal and is capable of revolutionalizing the way we view and manage the traffic network.

Secondly, It promotes strong partnership between universities, industries, Government agencies and NGOs.

Thirdly, It is a socially responsible project and in accord with principle of Ever Advancing Civilization as it helps communities to further develop an environmentally sound, economically feasible and technically robust, scalable and efficient local transportation system which can easily integrated to the rest of the global transportation.

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